Our Mission

To be emissaries of wine, merchants, educators and brand builders 

delivering exceptional wines with remarkable values. 

Always being relentless and authentic in our efforts, 

exceeding the expectations of our customers 

and being humble in our endeavors.

Our Story

Victus World Imports is a collaboration of friends and business partners that began with the purpose of importing Argentinean, Spanish and French wines to the United States.

Our Goal: build a portfolio of wines created by extraordinary winemakers and winemaking families, possessing exceptional quality and value.

Our Focus: Create partnerships in markets that capitalize on a market share that is driven by educated, successful, passionate wine consumers.

We build Brands: Brand building is about a focused execution of our plans, being persistent with our support of our distributors, continued education at the retail and restaurant level and a strong effort to educate the consumer.

We believe that we should always be exceptional with how we present ourselves.


Eric Scheffer

Managing Director – Founding Partner

Eric Scheffer, advertising agency and television commercial production company executive, motion picture producer and currently restaurateur and brand consultant, formed Victus World Imports LLC with his partner Marvin Slosman. 

Scheffer was the owner of the renowned  Savoy Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina which was amongst four restaurant brands he created.

His expertise in brand-building, sales and marketing, and extensive knowledge of the wine industry gives him unique talents for this venture.

He has worked and at times resided in France and Spain as well as Argentina over the past twenty years, in addition to being married to an Argentinian, which has given him an uncommon perspective of both the Argentinean wine industry and its culture.

Scheffer’s loves to cook and hang out with friends, enjoys boating on the various lakes in Western North Carolina, photography, loves traveling, working with winemakers and winemaking families and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Cody Stokes

National Sales Manager

Stokes, a 20-year hospitality industry veteran, began his career in the restaurant industry as a chef and eventually restaurateur of two concepts.

Stokes then pursued a path of wine consulting for restaurants and was eventually recruited by the Fine Wine Trading Company in Charlotte, North Carolina as Regional Sales Manager. During his five years with FWTC Stokes worked closely with smaller boutique wineries developing brands for the domestic market and opened Western North Carolina as a new market for the company.

Stokes wanting to get back to the Mountains of North Carolina went to work for a new beer distributorship company based in Asheville, North Carolina, The Next Generation Beer Company. As their State Sales Manager, Stokes developed relationships with and signed 16 new brands for the company and eventually developed a wine program that became The Next Generation Beverage Company.

Stokes then reconnected with his good friend Eric Scheffer, who also lives in Asheville, and was asked to come and be Scheffer’s right hand man and National Sales Manager.

As our National Sales Manager for Victus World Imports his focus is on promoting and selling our brands from Argentina, Spain and France primarily on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA

Stokes has spent time in Spain, Argentina and Chile furthering his wine knowledge and wine brand development.

Luis Barraud

Wine Consultant – Founding Partner

Luis Barraud is the fourth generation of a French family that settled in Argentina and has always been involved in the wine industry. This inspired in Luis a passion for the land and for the winemaking process. He received his degree in oenology in 1996.

Luis has worked as oenologist in his family business to this day. He also worked for Seagrams as head of their technical division. In 1997 Luis decided to travel with his wife Andrea Marchiori, to California to broaden his winemaking knowledge. There they met Paul Hobbs and they decided to found Viña Cobos.

At present, Luis is President of Viña Cobos and consulting winemaker for Bodega Gratia.

Andrea Marchiori

Wine Consultant – Founding Partner

Andrea became an oenologist because of her family background in the wine-making business receiving her oenology degree in 1996. Like her father, Don Nico Marchiori, Andrea has always felt a deep respect and commitment to the land.

In Argentina she started working for Norton winery as head of the Quality Control division. After she graduated, she and Luis to travel to California, where in 1997 they met Paul Hobbs. That was the beginning of Viña Cobos.

At present Andrea is in charge of vineyard management and winemaking at Viña Cobos, and consulting winemaker for Bodega Gratia.

Marvin Slosman

Global Business Development – Founding Partner

Marvin Slosman has enjoyed success in senior global leadership roles with Fortune 50 companies including General Electric and Johnson & Johnson before moving to lead early stage growth companies, including successful IPOs and M&As in the medical devise industry.  

Slosman brings 28 years of experience in funding, investing, strategic planning, business development, diligence, valuation, and deal structuring to the team. 

He currently serves on several boards of directors of private and non-profit businesses and organizations while managing his families and personal investment portfolios. 

His love of polo and subsequent investments in the polo world, both in the USA and in Argentina, was a motivation for Slosman’s investment in and love for the wine industry in Argentina.

Katy Palombi

Operations Manager

After graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Recreation Resource Management, Katy packed her bags for Telluride, where she spent 5 fun-filled years improving her skiing abilities, working for the Telluride Parks Department, enjoying the beautiful San Juan Mountains, and traveling the west.

She moved to Asheville in 1997 and began working for the City of Asheville’s Parks and Recreation Department. She soon became the Director of Outdoor Programs, which allowed her to continue enjoying the great outdoors and it encouraged her to explore most corners of this magnificent region of NC.  

She left the very rewarding field of parks and recreation after the birth of her first child and has worked in an office management and operations capacity ever since.

She first discovered a passion for wine as spending time in the Sonoma Valley and Napa Valleys. Since then, she has continued to explore the world of wine touring wineries for education.

Her love of wine has grown. Looking to use her skills in office management and operations, now that her children were older, she was introduced by a mutual friend to Eric Scheffer. Seeing her passion for wine and the desire for her to enter the wine business Scheffer quickly knew she would be perfect for Victus World Imports as their Operations Manager