2016 Wine Spectator Award Winner

For Charles-Gilbert de Vindé Champagne

Les Champagnes de Vignerons

Exclusively Produced and Bottled for Victus World imports

92pts – 2005 Cuvée “Authentique”

92pts – NV Brut Rosé

91pts – NV Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc

91pts – NV Brut Reservé

Here’s to the corkscrew

a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit,

the treasury of laughter,

the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly

We are wine importers specializing in Spanish wines, French wines and Argentinian wines. We partner with wine distributors and wine brokers to share the wonders we find in the unique and interesting vineyards of the winemakers and winemaking families we work with.

Our Spanish wines are the true expression of Spain exemplifying an industry booming with unprecedented quality, diversity and value.

Our French wines confirm that there is no other country in the world that produces a larger volume of quality wine than France, and no other country produces it in such diversity.

Our Argentina wines, with their new world boldness, clearly define the grape-growing regions and how each region is marked by its own particular attributes.